See The 5 Most Powerful Life Decisions You Will Ever Make

In a sequel to the last episode Life regrets many might notbe able to escape, this episode of Guytalk Podcast discusses the most important life decisions a person can take in their life.
Many young people end up with regrets because of some important decisions they neglected to take in their youth.

These decisions sometime determine the difference between a good life and a bad one.
Sacrifices and others have to be made and many people of this generation are constantly distracted from what is important.

Some of these decisions are.


 1. You have to become selectively available to certain people:

Many will call this pride but in truth, this is focus on the most important people. A lot of people bring in negative vibes into our lives which limit us. Many others only slow us down and remind us of things we cannot do without telling us of our strengths.
Making oneself selectively available will open one to more positive energy as well as help with focusing on the right people in our lives.
If a person is not adding value to your life and is not willing to try, it is best to limit contact and familiarity with them.
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2. Decide not to allow society pressure you with its timelines of success and trends: 

Not everyone is destined to succeed at the same time. 
If you do not do what it takes to be great now, in the future you will regret having not tried.
People have different timelines of success and should not compare with one another or call someone unsuccessful because they took a longer time to reach their goal.
One of the most important life decisions anyone can make is to stay focused and not allow society pressure them into making decisions.
The pressure to drive a car, the pressure to get married. The pressure to slay. The pressure to live a flashy life. All comes with a price of the future.
 It is better to wear drab clothes now and live a simple life and later enjoy than to spend and squander everything now and start scrounging in the future.
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