5 Painful life-lessons no one prepares you for

Adulthood is a trap!
No one tells you this until its too late.

As kids,we all looked forward to growing up to become adults that did adult things and no one controlled us, no one told us adulthood would come with a lot of baggages and responsibilities, so much that one would wish time could rewind back to the days when we were kids.

As you grow up life teaches you some hard lessons that come with a lot of pain.
Below are some of them.

1. Getting your heart broken is inevitable: This could come from either lover or friend. People would treat you less than you deserve at some point, and make you feel like you are not worthy. If you come from humble beginnings, perhaps you would even experience this lesson sooner than most.

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In love as well, the average adult gets their heart broken at least twice in life. This is inevitable,

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  1. Lol... Nobody ever taught me that the cars I dreamt of buying wouldn't even be in vogue when I finally got enough money to buy them!

    Life sucks, and that's good evidence that there's got to be more to life than all these things.
    There is a purpose to life that is not immediately evident to the human person.

  2. Believe me, these are real deals. I enjoyed this podcast.


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