The 5 reasons "Good Women" get dumped by men they love

This episode of Guytalk Podcast is discussing why many seemingly good women out there keep getting heartbroken by the men they love.

If love is not enough, then merely being a "good woman" will also not do.

Men tend to leave women because of certain reasons and like it or not, some relationships wont work despite the effort many women tell themselves they put in.

Below are five reasons men keep dumping some "good women" who love them.
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1. The women aren't teachable: This comes in the context of not being adaptable to each other. Many women out there have the right job, right skills in bed, right body, but their inability compromise for their man makes him seek comfort elsewhere. In relationships, more than being right about something, it is better to be kind.
More than feeling love, showing love the right way is important.

Many good women out there have been left heartbroken because they did not show the kind of love their man needed at the time, and were too caught up in their own idea of what a man wants that they lost him because they did not bend.

The cure: Better communication and fluidity in decision making.

2.  Insecurity: Many men out there cannot handle the idea of their woman being super beautiful, soft spoken and almost perfect. This is because they either become insecure because of the attention she is getting from other men or give in to their own low self esteem. Many men also cannot handle their own jealousy and feel their woman is a suspect of cheating when another male even breathes in their direction.

The cure: For women, always do everything in your power to reassure your man that he is the only one for you and no one else holds your heart or gives you the love he does. For men, learn to deal with your own insecurities and handle your jealousy mature because suspecting her wont stop her from cheating if she really wants to.

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3. Family pressure: This is the African society and we cannot ignore the influence many families hold over their sons. Family pressure has been known to make many men leave their women even if they love her. Also, when a woman's family makes it hard for the man to connect with them and treats him less than they should, this makes many men leave.

The cure: Ingrain the idea that no one but you should decide for you who you should love. In the end you are the one who will deal with the consequences not them.

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4. Biological/physical/sexual incompatibility:  Many times, relationships do not work out because of incompatible genotypes. If a man is As and his lover is AS, this usually leads to the end of the relationship as they likely will have kids with SS.
Physical attraction cannot be ruled out in a relationship. A man who naturally loves slim curvy women, no matter how good to him a chubby lady is to him, will get tempted by slim curvy women throwing themselves at him.
Sexual incompatibility makes men leave good women when the needs of the man is not met. Men like sex and honestly, they will not find a relationship where they aren't getting enough of the kinda of sexy they want, really exciting.

The cure: Before you fall in love, get the genotype details, find out their sexual preference and work towards becoming the woman he is physically attracted to as well as emotionally.

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  1. I totally agree with the guy that talked about constant validation. True self esteem shoudn't lie in what other say about you but in a relationship, it is important to reaffirm each other constantly. Words are powerful and they shape thoughts. Imagine you being in a relationship and you guys have never told each other that you love each other in a whole year (not realistic, shey?)... Exactly. Constant affirmation is pivotal to the success of a relationship. On the flip side, constant affirmation can never make an insecure partner more secure.

    Well done guys


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