5 Reasons Main-chicks Get Demoted To Side-Chick Status

Change is the only constant thing in life and no matter how blissful the relationship is right now, it could all change in the future and become something worse than imaginable.

Today's topic on Guytalk Podcast discusses the reasons "Main-Chicks" get demoted to being "SIde-Chicks".
First of all, let's differentiate between the two meanings.

Mainchick is the lady who occupies prime position in a man's life. One who is either his spouse or his official girlfriend and whom the world knows to be his woman.

Side-chick is the lady in the shadows who lives off the emotional crumbs. The one with whom he is cheating on the Main chick.

Usually, the side-chick is unknown and not officially in the picture of his life. That is up until something changes which would either promote her or remove her out of the picture entirely.

This demotion to side-chick status comes as a result of so many factors which may include neglect of your man's needs, emotional unavailability, incessant nagging and disrespect, distance, over-dependence and others.
Check it out below to get the full scoop on why more women are getting demote from being the main-chick to being the side-chick.

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