The 5 powerful career skills every young person must have


More than being unemployed,one question every young adults should ask is "Am I employable?"

This episode of Guytalk podcast discusses the five career skills any young person should have to be more employable in the world today.

Considering how we live in the digital world, certain skills are more in demand than others.

While it is good to specialize, it is also highly important to possess skills which give you the opportunity to freelance and strike out as an entrepreneur in case the jobs are not easily forth coming.

One skill every young person should possess today is Digital Marketing.

Whether social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization or Affiliate Marketing, possessing digital marketing skills will give any young person an edge in the world today.

Not just making one more employable, but giving one the opportunity to become an entrepreneur.

Click the podcast for the full episode or download here.


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