See the 5 inevitable problems no one warns you about in marriage


There is no happily ever after! 
 At least not in the context of never having problems and issues in the future.

This episode of Guytalk Podcast discusses the issues many singles are not warned about before they get married.

Like it or not, marriage is not a bed of roses and as much as it is truly gratifying to wake up beside one's love for life, there will be issues that need adequate preparation.

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Some of the issues in marriage which no one warns singles about include:
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  • Boring Sex: On the podcast the hosts discussed and analyzed why the sex sometimes might become boring. This could either be due to the rigors of life or introduction of kids. Many singles interpret the boring sex as a fault in their affections for each other but it is not so. 
  •  Attraction to others irrespective of new status: If marriage was an automatic switch to one's attraction to other people, there will be no case of cheating ever recorded. Hosts of Guytalk Podcast talked about how discipline is the only way to overcome the temptation to cheat even while being married.

  • You will miss being single: Being married comes with a lot of commitment and it is not always easy making that compromise. Sometimes you will miss being single and able to do whatever you like whenever you like. This is one issue which has led many people to split up because they missed being able to live for themselves alone.

  • Overfamiliarity: This comes as a result of spending a lot of time with someone. Suddenly they are no longer as exciting as they once were. This is because you are now used to all they have to offer and can almost predict them. Every couple faces this at one point in marriage or the other. You need to get creative in order to maintain the passion in the relationship. This is when the initial emotions have burnt out and conscious effort is needed to sustain the marriage.
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