Check out The 5 Wrong Mentalities That Are Killing Africans


Africa holds the largest deposit of earth's mineral resources yet it is the poorest continent.

 Gone are the days when we should hold the colonialists responsible for our backwardness.

The truth is we are our own demons.

This episode of Guytalk Podcast discusses the mentalities and mindsets responsible for the backwardness in Africa.

Ranging from the Entitlement mentality to the "Everyone must be an entrepreneur" mindset, the growth and development in Africa has been held back by how Africans think and act.

The mentality of "Money means success" caused an argument on the show but as it is, judging success by the amount of cash trivializes the whole process. Or don't you think?

Well, check out this episode as it informs, entertains and educates African youths on what is truly wrong with us.

Download podcast here.

You can contribute in the comment section what you think is killing Africans as well.


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