Momoh's Feature: My girl has a girl


My girl has a girl.

*Phone rings* 

I check, it's my girlfriend, (see as I open teeth like close up advert) she had been in NYSC camp for a week now. 

Me: Baby girl, what's up, how's camp treating you? I know the first week is the hardest but hope it's not too hard on you? 

Her: *in a tired voice * Baby it's hard o, the food is crap and I'm broke. The food leaves me so hungry... 

Me: Don't worry, I'll do something about that (without money your relationship is dead fam!) 

Her: Baby I made a new friend, she's so cool and she's very pretty, she says I'm pretty too and she likes me. 

Me: Niiiiceee!! You see,  camp is not all that bad. Now try and make the most of it, most of y'all won't see each other till your POP (passing out parade)... She cuts me off at this point. 

Her: Baby she's a lesbian. She doesn't really like  guys although she has a boyfriend, hope you don't mind. (now in my head I'm like good for me, my girl is hot and I don't need too many guys fighting for her attention especially with the distance) 

Me: Baby girl, I don't give two f**ks about that, as long as you're happy.

Fast-forward a year and some months and I regret not nipping that nonsense in the bud. Long story short, they got posted to the same town, became room mates and my girlfriend is no longer my girlfriend. She has become a boyfriend to this "fine girl" she met in camp.
My experience made me dig a lot deeper into the issue of lesbianism and I discovered that feminism is a higher level of lesbianism in disguise. You know those girls that form "bestie" and say men are "trash" online?  Yes, those ones; most of them are lesbians. It's a phenomenon that has sadly come to stay.
 Guys have you ever experienced anything like this before? Please share your thoughts and experiences.


  1. Lol you really should have stopped her when you heard the girl is a lesbian


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