5 Naughty Things Our African Parents Did As Kids But Will Never Admit

Our African parents are the best and we love them for it.

However, under that veneer of wisdom and saintly behavior, lurks the memories of youthful exuberance and wanton display of attitude.

This episode of Guytalk Podcast discusses the hilarious, fun, and naughty things our African parents did as children, highlighting the good and bad stuff they got into, but will never admit.
Ranging from their 'sexcapades' to their own run-ins with their parents, the list of things they would never admit to us is endless. 

To all those stubborn, naughty, crazy and outgoing individuals , do not wonder why the ginger is so high in you. Ask your parents.

Enjoy this episode which is both, fun, hilarious and educating. Gives us more reasons we should appreciate our parents for neglecting their own urges so we can have role models.
Check out the five things they did, but will never admit in the podcast. Click play.


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