5 Bad Habits The Recession Has Taught Nigerians - Guytalk [EP 5]

The Recession has bitten down hard into the pockets of Nigerians, and to cope, many have resorted to different strategies. Some of these strategies are less than desirable, and reflective of the bad habits inherent in humans who allow greed to take over.

Many blame the current President Buhari, while others feel it is a trickle down effect of the past bad leaders we have had.

Bad habits which would on a normal day be regarded with the utmost disdain, have become an acceptable way of life today. Which goes only to prove the point, you never know what a man is made of until he is stripped of all he has.

This episode of Guytalk Podcast talks about five bad habits the recession has taught Nigerians to cultivate, giving a laid back but educating view of the subject.

Check it out.


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